Capital On Demand | Our Products
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Our Products

We Have Several Funding Products
Real Estate Investment Loans

Capital On Demand’s flagship program provides investors with funding to purchase and rehab investment properties. This program is targeted at 1-4 family homes and condo units where the reno budget is up to 50% of the purchase price.

Multifamily Acquisition & Rehab Loans

Capital On Demand provides fast funding for multifamily investment loans that are used to finance Multifamily properties that need remodeling or rehabilitation. Multifamily properties have five or more units.

Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Capital On Demand offers  short-term bridge financing options. Commercial bridge loans act as interim funding, facilitating the purchase of commercial real estate and completion of rehabs or upgrades.

Build-To-Suit Construction Loans

Capital On Demand funds Single and Multi-Tenant retail properties or industrial properties but, may also involve any other type of commercial property. Our Build-To-Suit construction program funds up to 100% of project costs.

Our Process

We can get you funded in as few as 10 days.
Initial Consultaion
Collect Client's Documents
5 to 10 day closings

What Makes Us Different

Capital On Demand is a team of highly skilled professionals with great knowledge and understanding of the complex issues and challenges facing enterprises, small business owners and investors looking to acquire funding. We are committed to our clients and have a passion to see them succeed.

Your prosperity is our goal! We don’t succeed unless you succeed!

Our solutions are custom tailored to meet your needs

Traditional methods of doing business change almost daily

We bring fresh ideas to the table to give you a competitive edge.


There’s a better way to fund your business

Accessing capital shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming, so Capital On Demand has developed a simple way to get you financed in 10 days or less. As one of the nation’s premier direct private lender, Capital On Demand helps seasoned real estate investors with the capital support they need to grow their portfolio.

Maximize Your Project ROI

Let’s us help you start making more money on your investments with our deal analyzer and other reporting tools. Receive Instant and accurate analysis of your real estate investment in a detailed report – with a point and click.

Customer Focused

Our clients are not commodities: we’re focused on providing quality service, not sales. Capital On Demand will continue to help real estate investors nationwide with their investment capital needs. We are in the business of changing lives one real estate investment loan at a time.

So… what’s the right option for you?

Capital On Demand has a variety of funding products available for your prospective business venture. Each funding option has its benefits. Knowing which option is best suited for you and your venture is our specialty. We help you get funding using a variety of options and we’d love to discuss it with you further connect with us today!
As one of the nation’s premier direct private lender, we help real estate investors with the capital support they need.